Boss Keys style maps

  • Being inspired by Gamemaker's Toolkit's first season of its mini-series Boss Keys, which is a series that looks into the design philosophies of Zelda dungeons in terms of layout, I decided to do something similarly for the Metroid series. This idea was fueled by things like item randomizer algorithms and 100%-speedruns, because I wanted to find a way to chart out the areas of Metroid in an attempt to facilitate pathing and maybe even help Metroid fangame makers to think about design and gating in their games.

    Nostalgia hits me like a ton of bricks every time I replay these games...

    Anyways, Corruption deals heavily with mission-based event flags, much like Fusion does.

  • Galaxy Map

    So... yeah.
    In order to get access to any landing site, chances are that a certain mission objective will need to be cleared first. This will just show what is the immediate requirement in order to unlock a landing site. Maybe once a randomizer is built for this game, we'll get information on whether additional requirements are needed for each site to be unlocked.

  • GFS Olympus, both visits

    Two visits through the Olympus, so there are two sections of the chart. The sequences are quite linear both times, but still.

    The locked symbols in that first row in the Olympus 1 section, correspond to two locked or blocked passageways that you don't get to visit until after you get the PED Suit, in the Olympus 2 section of the chart. The Save Station on that line in Olympus 1 is the same Save Station as in Olympus 2.

  • Norion

    Not so much a "dead end" as it leads to a room where Lore scans are available, but nothing else. No item pickups in that path.

    Also, the "Gen B" key is only placed where it is, because that's when Rundas radios in to Samus to tell her that he's succeeded in turning it back on, and then the HUD informs the player that an objective is complete.

  • Bryyo - Cliffside Airdock region

    Yeah, I debated whether or not to add them, but given that the Gold Credits from Phaazoids are unique among all of the Credits as being the only ones that can be picked up (and also sucked in via Charge Beam, I've come to find out!), I think that a future randomizer could utilize those slots for building some good narratives. They'll be an incentive to clear out a planet's Seed and return, to make those fights actually meaningful.
    In any case, they're optional.
    (And no, the other kinds of credits don't behave similarly enough here to be warranted. All the Red Credits are just from successful Scanning, the Blue Credits are for Lore Scans and for those three Olympus rescue events which are difficult to pull off and can be permanently missable so let's do ourselves a favor and disqualify those credits from the pool, and the other Gold Credits are for winning at successful battles and then pulling off certain mission objectives. The Friend Vouchers... nah fam. Unlocking the Screw Attack just for killing 100 enemies, shouldn't be a thing.)

  • Bryyo - Fiery Airdock region

  • Bryyo - Thorn Jungle Airdock region

    Oof, that loop... I wish there were a way for that loop to be a choice instead of a forced linear path...

  • Bryyo - Ice region

  • Bryyo - Leviathan Seed

  • Elysia - West Skytown region

    So... the Theronian Bomb Components is an interesting quest. It'd be like a Zelda dungeon where you need to collect parts of the Boss Key in order to unlock the Boss chamber. Only thing is, this game kinda requires for the pieces to be gathered in a certain order, thanks to the Ship Grapple's logistics.
    Kinda. See, you need the first component in order to collect the other two, but you can collect the second and third components in either order, given that they are identical pieces.

  • Elysia - East Skytown region

    The Chozo Observatory provides map-based markers to show the items in the areas attached to a particular node on the wall of that room. I included them here for the sake of "why not?", but I doubt that adding those map markers into a randomized pool, would really affect anything negatively.

    1. You'd need to figure out a model for picking up that item upgrade.
    2. I wonder if the code behind the map itself will break if it tries to add markers to maps that Samus hasn't collected yet?

    Also, this map contains the first of two REQUIRED Energy Cells to beat the game. I didn't make enough of a big note about that on this image. Yes, you need a minimum of 5 Energy Cells to get through the Valhalla and get the Pirate Code, but in order to actually progress through the game, period, you NEED to pull this one Energy Cell in the Xenoresearch pod. There's only one other Energy Cell that is like that, and it's in the Pirate Homeworld, Command Center region.

  • Elysia - Leviathan Seed

    Turns out, the PED Suit isn't actually needed to get past the creatures in the tunnel room. Just charge up the Charge Beam and hit the big blue orb after you've exposed it with the Seeker Missiles.

    The Helios fight, however...

  • G.F.S. Valhalla

    I left the nodes for AU 313's final message there, just for kicks. You get a Friend Voucher out of it, but there's no point to adding those in to the charts. (At least, not at the current time.)

  • Pirate Homeworld - Pirate Command

    Here's the second REQUIRED Energy Cell, to turn off the fans that block passage into the bowels of the Command Center.

    "Shield Core Sighted" is just a cutscene. From what I've observed, it isn't tied with any in-game progression-based events. Could be, but I just haven't seen anything be blocked from not having undergone that cutscene.

    Oh, and yet another reason that not all Gold Credits should be added to the randomized pool - the escort mission. Run a perfect escort sequence where all 12 demolition soldiers survive? And then make a major item be the reward for a perfect run? No thanks!

  • Pirate Homeworld - Pirate Research

    I too am surprised that this is the only instance of a Hyper Missile lock before Phaaze. And it only leads to an optional section of the region.

  • Pirate Homeworld - Phazon Mines

    The chart starts at the point where you first enter the Mines, not the landing site for the region. I think it's easier to think of the progression in this manner, especially since that landing site isn't required for game completion or 100%.

  • Pirate Homeworld - Leviathan Seed

  • Phaaze

    GO MODE requires these items, basically. Everything else you've collected on your journey (with the exception of Energy Tanks) is unneeded for the final conflict. (Just in case randomizer programmers need to know.)

  • Here's a condensed version of the above charts, showing what the whole of the Federation Solar System looks like in terms of item dependencies:

    Summarized dependency tree


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