Restart on Development

  • What are everyone's thoughts on Nintendo scrapping what was Prime 4 and handing it back over to Retro?

    I'm not a big fan of the prime series, but I know that a lot of people were kind of upset or uneasy at the thought that Retro wasn't developing Prime 4. I do see and understand why Retro developing Prime 4 is, and most likely will, be the best decision ever made since they have assets and unused plots (or a loose end... Sylux...) they can work on. While the original team is not there, it is very much possible that some members come back. I'm also excited to see what Retro can do from their 10 years or so away from anything other than Donkey Kong (and what they're cooking in that oven).

  • @amwolfmusic For me it wasn't so much unease because Retro wasn't developing it, so much as nobody knew definitively who was developing it. Now knowing who is the development team, helps me form an idea as to the kind of quality to expect.

    Multiplied by the fact that it's Retro again, and it's a bonus.

  • Upon viewing the video I experienced a feeling that I can only describe as being made up of 20% disappointment and 80% satisfaction.

  • Yeah, the only disappointment I have is that it'll take another 2-4 years to come out now. Super excited to have it back in Retro's hands since at the very least they have the tools and engines from the Gamecube and Wii to refer back to, even if they don't have most of the people.


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