Boss Keys style maps

  • Being inspired by Gamemaker's Toolkit's first season of its mini-series Boss Keys, which is a series that looks into the design philosophies of Zelda dungeons in terms of layout, I decided to do something similarly for the Metroid series. This idea was fueled by things like item randomizer algorithms and 100%-speedruns, because I wanted to find a way to chart out the areas of Metroid in an attempt to facilitate pathing and maybe even help Metroid fangame makers to think about design and gating in their games.

    Metroid II seems to be the most straight-forward design I've seen yet.

  • Main Tunnel

  • Area 1

    Randomization notes:
    Due to the layout and design, the Bombs are the first possible pickup item in the game. Its location should be fixed where it is in vanilla, due to the layout of the locks.

    Also, since you always start with Morph Ball and Missiles, those locks have been removed. Might alter that, actually.

  • Area 2

    Technically, the Bomb and Spider Ball locks are required before this area, so they might not need to be here, but we can assume that randomization can cause some of those locks in the previous area, to be circumvented by other means. Space Jump taking place of the Spider Ball, for example.

    Maybe I'll make a "vanilla" version of this map that only highlights the locks of items in this area, not anything picked up in the previous sector.

  • Area 3

  • Area 5

  • Final Area

  • Here's a condensed version of the above charts, showing what the whole of SR388 looks like in terms of item dependencies:

    Summarized dependency tree

    Interesting that you get the High Jump Boots in a previous area, before you encounter an obstacle that requires it in order to battle a Metroid.


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