Fan Theory/Metroid Lore (Origin Of Mother Brain's Hyper Beam)

  • So this is a bit of a general thing because it covers a few different games and not sure if I should post it here or if it should be moved to Super? Anyway, so I have this fan theory that I haven't heard others really speak on. I brought it up once in MHQThon and was told it was interesting so I figured I would post on it here.

    In Super Metroid Mother Brain has a Hyper Beam that the "baby" Metroid absorbs from Mother Brain and when the baby is killed it is able to transfer the Hyper Beam to Samus. I think this is a new weapon that was developed from the phazon experiments in Prime sub-series.

    So we know that Phazon was destroyed along with Phaaze, but if I remember correctly the Space Pirates were trying to figure out ways to use Phazon that wouldn't lead to devastating results in genetic destruction of their subjects, I believe Prime mentions about trying to get the levels correct in the experiments. My personal thoughts are that they eventually figured out the chemical/radioactive properties of Phazon and may have created a synthetic form after Phaaze was destroyed. If this isn't the case, the the other possibility is that they were able to figure out how to duplicate the radiation level or energy output of phazon. I believe this led to the development of the Hyper Beam for Mother Brain.

    As I said this is all just a fan theory, but I think it makes sense. Let me know what you think of this theory.

  • Only thing, what indicates it's phazon? The levels could relate to anything, these experiments could have just resulted in the PED pirates from Prime 3. 0_1502162972321_cd8a0d25-f03e-40de-9466-8914f6c9c4bd-image.png

  • @metroid3d Very possible!! Either way I do believe that the phazon projects they had going contributed to the development of the Hyper Beam. I mean even the name is the same when Samus uses phazon powered weapons. So I think they were able to some how develop the Hyper Beam as a result of the projects.

  • I had also long given some thought to this, and while the result of these musings can only be subscribed to fan theory or headcanon, I'm willing to explore the matter further through additional discussion.

    Main thing is, that the assumption here is that the Hyper Beam of Super Metroid comes from the Mother Brain. If this is the case, then the Baby not only had the ability to transfer energy, but to transfer abilities as well. To be honest, this capability had never been touched upon in the series before or since, so I wonder if there's any merit to the idea that this has any Pirate influence at all.

    Rather, I'd like to point out the slightly-overlooked causation in the Other M opening cutscene: a particle (or several) falls into Samus's hand, and then she begins firing the Hyper Beam. I had always imagined that, should a Metroid 2 remake expand on the SR388 adventure further after obtaining the Baby, that the level of trust between the two would unlock an ability to let the Babytroid latch onto Samus and fuel her with a Hyper Beam using whatever stored energy the Baby had accumulated from sucking dry any enemies.
    Basically, I think that since the Pirates had been seeking to make Metroids into, basically, their mobile power generators, Samus's relationship with the Baby became the accidental ideal (as underscored by her monologues in Other M).
    It also makes me wonder, if she regains this ability naturally post-Fusion, due to the Metroid DNA inside her.

  • @miles07 I like the idea there actually. If the Hyper Beam was a transfer of energy from the baby to Samus and was able to help unlock the Hyper Beam in Samus's suit (not from the ability of Mother Brain being passed but as you pointed out it coming from the connecting between Samus and the baby), that would fit nicely within the spiritual/enlightened aspect of the lore regarding the Chozo and their tech. Maybe this could have been some aspect of higher enlightenment at work? Definitely an interesting idea.

    I had always assumed that Samus's Power Suit was more science based but Other M made it seem a bit more spiritual in nature or some kind of aspect beyond science because it links to Samus's will/conscience. Maybe this is the effect of that enlightenment at work. This also would have an interesting application through the rest of the series when thinking about her power ups and how she gains them.


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