A Disturbing Possibility

  • Dang is this forum is dead? Let's see how many turn out for this.

    Any among us watch Joseph Anderson?
    He recently did a video on Super Mario Odyssey and his largest problem with the game was the amount of filler collectibles and padding. Sorry I can't find the time stamp for this part, but he essentially said he was concerned for Metroid Prime 4 given how many Moons in Odyssey are complete filler. This along with Korok Seeds and Shrines in Zelda has me worried, especially that Nintendo has gotten such acclaim for both games.

    Anyone have thoughts one way or another?
    I'm hoping to God MP4 won't turn out like those Zelda and Mario, but I think it's too early to for me to say definitively.

  • It's going to be different anyway if Retro isn't making it. Safe to keep expectations low. If controls aren't MP3-based, it may be weird too unless they return to gamecube-style control.


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