Let's talk about lore! (SPOILERS)

  • So, I finally got around to beating M:SR. I took my time to let the game sink in properly and ended up accumulating over 13 hours of game time. While I might make a seperate post at a lated date talking about my overall opinion of the game, I also found some very interesting lore points. Nothing obscure I think, but worth bringing up anyways.

    1. The Ridley fight at the end. I found it a nice touch that Big R not only made an appearance but also still rocked his MP3 look. After M:OM called the canon of the Prime games into question this made sure fans know that Samus' exploits surrounding the threat of Phazon are confirmed canonical.

    2. The Chozo memories. It appears as if not even the creators of the Metroids had intended for them to evolve. And it also seems as if the evolution that the larvae go through changes their genetic code to such an extent that the imprinting happening when they hatch is lost...

    Honstly, that's all for now. I hope other people have made interesting discoveries as well and are willing to share and speculate together!


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