Metroid Prime Trilogy Connections With Prometheus And Alien Covenant (Beyond Original Series)

  • So everyone knows that the Alien movies have been major inspirations for the Metroid series. We know that there are several elements that are similar between the 2 franchises and even Alien Resurrection was echoed to an extent in Metroid Fusion. However, I noticed something....

    I started noticing some things in comment between Metroid Prime Trilogy and the 2 latest entries into the Alien franchise. I'm not saying Ridley Scott or others involved in the franchise took any inspiration from Metroid Prime Trilogy, but I'm noticing some very coincidental similarities. Here's a list of some elements I found interesting. Warning heavy spoilers ahead.

    "Black Goo" = Phazon: Both are bio-mutagens that seem to be capable of both pushing new levels of evolution and causing death. Both agents cause rapid growth/development/mutation in the living organisms they come in contact with. Both are biological in nature. Both are used to wipe out life on other planets and "infect" them.

    Chozo = Engineers: Both the Engineers and the Chozo are responsible for creating alien life forms either directly (in the case of the Chozo) or indirectly (in the case of the Engineers). You could take this a step further in saying that the Chozo created Metroids and the Engineers created humanity.

    Dark Samus = David: Both of these 2 become major elements of their respective stories. Dark Samus desires power through phazon and later she is pushing the development of the Space Pirates through phazon experimentation and harvesting. In much the same way David desires to be a god of sorts. He sees fit to destroy life and further the evolution of the xenomorphs with his black goo experiments. In much the same way they both desire to spread phazon and the black goo and the resulting life forms respectively. It becomes an overwhelming desire for both beings.

    So curious what does everyone think? I'm sure Ridley Scott and others know that Alien as a franchise has inspired Metroid, do you think Metroid has also inspired the Alien franchise? Let me know.

  • It honestly wouldn't surprise me if Ridley Scott played Metroid, I don't know if the question has ever been presented or asked publicly to him. I'd imagine a creator of a series would look into something that has proclaimed inspiration from their own work, especially when it's from a company as big as Nintendo. If not then it's a series of odd coincidences.


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