Metroid Series: Where To Next? (Plot Possiblities)

  • So with Metroid 2 being remade and Metroid Prime 4 coming out, this got me thinking about the future of the series and what possibilities we could see in terms of plot (setting/scans/lore/blurbs in instructions/intros).

    Some of the things I think I would like to see explored would be consequences of Metroids being militarized. We have some story of that in Other M and Fusion but it just kind of ends there. I'd like to see if they have continued the plans some how or have more clones out there or more projects. Now you might think "well that's been done twice, why go back to it a third time?"; but honestly I'd like to see that be a stronger plot element. I would want to see it take a darker turn though. Not sure what exactly, but just a darker turn.

    Another area I would like to dive into is more with Space Pirate society like they did a bit in the Prime series. The Pirate Data was really interesting because we got a look into their culture, their procedures, their way of thinking. So I think that would be really interesting.

    Something interesting would be to maybe have other enemies play a role at some point. Maybe a group that funds the Space Pirate operations or some kind of internal traitor within the Federation.

    Now all of that has been more plot driven and that means it might have to be some weird mix of Prime/Fusion or Prime/Other M and that might be a bit odd (Prime/Fusion would work like AM2R but Prime/Other M... eh that sounds a bit weird).

    As for settings, I would love to see more Chozo worlds. Maybe see their origin world (I'm thinking it wasn't Zebes, that was just one of the ones they colonized, but I may be wrong). Also I would love to see other races or lost ruins like in Prime 3.

    I think too I would like to see more about the origin of the Space Pirates, maybe more "home worlds" because let's face it, they are an organization made up of many different races, I'd like to see some of the other locations. We've only seen 2, Pirate Homeworld and Zebes (Zebesians).

    I'm curious, what plot elements would everyone else like to see in the series going forward? Anyone interested in any of the stuff I have listed? Please comment below and let me know.

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