Want to Demo Samus Returns?

  • Many of you probably saw the announcement for the Nintendo World Championships 2017 being announced and never thought much of it.

    The upcoming dates are registration/competition to get into the actual Championships. Participating in this event gives you the chance to demo Metroid: Samus Returns. Sadly, there will only be 8 cities to be included across the US.

    Event takes place at Best Buy.

    August 19 & 20
    New York
    SF Bay Area

    August 26 & 27
    Los Angeles

    September 2 & 3

    September 9 & 10
    Miami (Florida)

    Details, Locations, and Registration

  • @amwolfmusic This is such a poorly distributed public demo. How does one create believers out of doubters if they don't live near these eight cities? Does Nintendo think that their fans only exist near cities? Because every location in that list is in or near a major city, and almost all of them are near the coasts or borders. I guess Nintendo fans don't live in the center of the country at all.

  • @fatherbrain230 I live closest to Dallas, but that's like a good 7 hour trip. I get that, but these are the largest cities in America. I just wish that every state had one location, you would receive a lot more entries and a lot more people will kniw about these games, tried these game, and basically become walking advertisements filled with hype.

  • @fatherbrain230 The real fans need no convincing. This is for press exposure.

  • @miles07 Uh, beg to differ, I would like to try the game before I play it. On that note, Canada has it even worse off.


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