I Need Help on my Riddles

  • *Riddles is Ridley

    This is a little sketch I did in like 20 minutes, and the hardest part was Ridley's wings, face and Samus. Something seems off though, and I can't tell. I also want input by people before I finish it and not like it.


    He smokes from his nose, he'll give Samus second hand smoke if he no stop.

  • Well, the one thing is just that Ridley's body is generally more "boney" and skinny-looking than in this drawing. In more consistent anatomy, his ribs stick right out, his limbs are all skin and bone, and his tail's a bit slim and scaley.
    Other than that, this is alright.

  • Samus's head is smaller than her shoulders.

  • #IAmNotAnArtist, but it looks like a good start to me. The few critiques I could make are that I feel like the smoke from his nostrils should be travelling in a uniform direction so it doesn't end up looking like a mustache, and that the slight curve at the back of his mouth makes it almost look like he's happy to see Samus. The wings look great though, I can tell you put a lot of effort into them. Hope that helps!

  • @gendreavus oh yes, I've received a many mustache critics (I even agree) and the wings are... well I spent a large portion of time on them lol
    alt text

    @Metroid3D is that it?

    @kkzero yeah, I can see how he's skinny and stuff, and I'll fix that, I did put his ribs, but they're not noticeable. I didn't finish the tail, but I can certainly thin it out and stuff.

  • That first one is pretty dank. Make "mob boss" Ridley smoke through his ears.


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