Alternative a MHQ app on mobile

  • It'd be real nice to have a MHQ app. Unfortunatley, I don't think that's gonna happen. Here's a solution. We can just make a shortcut on our homescreens which should funcion identically.


    Open Chrome, and navigate to Make sure you're on the root page, and not a profile or topic.
    alt text

    Tap on the three dots in the upper right hand corner. In the drop down menu, select "Add To Homescreen"
    alt text

    Name it whatever you want, and tap "Add".

    And presto! MHQ app (Sort of)! It's basically the web browser, but no tabs and you can't go anywhere else. Really only if you want to have a quick access from your home launcher.
    alt text

    Here's what it looks like in app:
    alt text

    You could probably follow similar steps from Safari in iOS. If anyone with a iPhone would like to post how to do it there, I'll update the post to reflect it.

  • @metroid3d for iOS it's basically the same procedure, go to the home page, click the options on the search bar, add to home screen and that's basically it.


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