What does everyone think of a Metroid anime like Castlevania?

  • I'd be excited to see one happen! If it was as good as Castlevania, then sure. I think the feeling of isolation could be captured in animation pretty well.

    Plus that sweet sweet publicity for the series.

  • I'd be up for it, and a support character would be great, but I think they should retell the manga or do something fairly easy, like short clips from Samus' missions. Something like Castlevania wouldn't be bad, it's just I have a few doubts with what kind of story will they tell.

  • Nintendo has mentioned that they are interested in pursuing anime TV shows for their franchises, there's a Splatoon anime already in the works. I could see Metroid being on the tables and I would support it 100% of the way.

  • The issue with this might be, is Metroid popular enough? I know the series hasn't sold well in Japan, and presuming NOJ are making the executive decisions here, I kinda doubt they'd do it.

  • @metroid3d I understand that, shooters aren't that popular in Japan and Metroid is considered a shooter to some extent. Metroid is really one of the series that would be well adapted into anime form, but who's writing the story, that's what worries me.

  • Naww, Metroid is best left a game.

  • Hmm, can't say I'd be opposed to an anime, but it's something they should get right, naturally. For it to fit with Metroid the most.

    Something like a series of short episodes with minimalistic dialogue, focusing on the scenery, atmosphere and combat scenes. That's how I'd envision it.

  • If they do it dark 'n gritty style like Castlevania but keep it PG, Big N may give it their blessing. Because we know you can't make unapproved/unlicensed derivative works that resemble commercial products of their intellectual property. >.>
    Using components from the old Nintendo comic may work too. It managed to have some story elements and not be too buddy-movie or Papa-Adam Other M-style.

    Metroid is a more 'mature' Nintendo property as opposed to the more kid-friendly ones (Mario, Zelda kinda, Spaltoon, Pikmin)

    Would rather have a StarFox series however. Seems more written for that medium. Sort of like that not-a-starfox-cartoon on them youtubes not being made.

  • id be on mark with it, so long as its as gritty or even more R like Castlevania as i am excited to see where the story goes on castelvania season 2.

  • A faithful adaptation of the mangas would be awesome.


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