What Metroid Other M Did Right

  • I'm going to take a cue from AmwolfMusic and post something I wouldn't usually post. I'm going to give my thoughts on what Metroid Other M did right.

    For all it's many flaws Metroid Other M did a few things right. These are listed below:

    Opening Cinematic/Cut Scenes: One of the first things that comes to mind is how amazing the prologue cinematic is. It's one of the best aspects of the game and is something that I will certainly defend when it comes to this game. That fight with Mother Brain from Super looked so awesome and definitely got me hyped when I started Other M. Even now, after all of the flaws I've found with the game, that still shines as an example of cinematic done right! Another aspect I loved was the cut scenes in general. Most of them were very well animated and graphically for the Wii, looked stunning in terms of quality. And as much as I LOVE the Prime games, MPT couldn't achieve the same thing. That's one thing I can say for Other M, it just had a superior cinematic experience.

    Ridley Life Stages: Some people weren't fond of this aspect but I kind of liked it. I thought it added a layer of depth to Ridley in an odd sense. It made him go from being this small fury animal into a dragon. It made me wonder about the race Ridley came from. It made me wonder if his entire race was as cruel as him or maybe they had a deeper ability to choose to be evil (seeing the small fury creature made me think how could this be Ridley when this looks a more harmless and innocent).

    Adam: So many people hate Adam in this game, but I loved how they did his character. He's caring in his own way for Samus yet he's still a military man. He's direct yet soft spoken. He doesn't trust Samus but he doesn't distrust her either. In Other M, I liked how he fit into the role he was given. And I loved the fact that he was both involved with and totally against the cloning of the Space Pirates.

    Metroid Queen: This is probably by far the best aspect of the game. I loved the boss fight with the queen. I loved everything about this from the gameplay mechanics working well, to the cut scene, to the difficulty of it. Every aspect of this fight was fun and interesting and engaging.

    Standard Game Play: The game play was generally pretty fun. I will say that at times the controls felt unpolished, but there was a good chunk of the time where it felt good. I still maintain that the nunchuck would have been better for movement but doing it the way they did, didn't turn out half bad. Probably the one aspect I loved most about the game play was being able to use the screw attack and it felt like the screw attack from the 2D games, which is something Prime 2 and 3 could NEVER get right.

    Anyway this is just my opinion. Feel free to give your thoughts and opinions on what you liked or didn't like. Also feel free to comment on my points if you want.

  • @mmgp For me, I like the bosses I've seen before, even though they're rehashed, I had fun fighting Nightmare and the Metroid Queen. The Space Jump (and screw attack) are far easier to use than the 3ds games, nice and simple, and logical. The shinespark is beyond simple to use and it's thrilling when you pull the shinespark off, especially in a 3d plane where I have more calculating to do (which is my f a v o r i t e) and is just pleasing to do and watch at the same time. The cutscenes are gorgeous, while the story isn't as much, and the sleekness of Samus suit. I like how Samus looks (although the zero suit is a little too much imo) and she's beautiful which is something I like (despite it being super common) when Samus is this all powerful planet killer and such. She's taken the image of Peach and Zelda, but she still retains the badass qualities she had before. The sensemove and final kill moves are enjoyable to pull off as well.


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