Favorite Music Track From The Series?

  • Just as the title of this post suggests, what is your favorite track/song from the Metroid franchise? Please feel free to explain why.

    For me there are 2 that tie for that spot of "favorite": Metroid Prime theme (not menu but theme) and Brinstar from Metroid (NES). My reasons are that MP1 was my first Metroid, so that was the first Metroid track I ever heard... and I loved it! It felt amazing to hear that for the first time!! And as for Brinstar, it's just so up beat, and powerful. It makes you feel like even though you aren't that strong starting off, you aren't going to let ANYTHING stand in your way, Space Pirates beware!

  • I'm a music nerd, so sorry for anything you can't quite under stand ^^; I'll give my top 3, my top favorite usually rotates between these 3 lol

    • Metroid: Other M- Title Screen Music 2
      I just like the piano, it has a sort of soft echo, and it's a nice calm piece. It's certainly different from all the Metroid pieces out there, but one of the more beautiful pieces of the franchise. While I agree it's nothing compared to Samus' theme is Super, I prefer this one just by the calm beauty it has. Plus Other M was the first Metroid game I did finish, so it's sort of symbolic to me. I know how people don't like Samus to also be weak, but I think the piece is trying to show a warmer side of Samus since it is a theme. I also like all the glissando through out the piece and the sort of stopping that happens, lengthening notes that have more impact.

    • Metroid: Fusion- Serris/Yakuza Battle Theme
      Like the one above, it's calm, but not in the way you expect, it's more of a panicked kind of calm. Serris and Yakuza did give me a panic to go fast, and the theme always brings a smile to my face when I hear it. The call and response in the piece is also something beautiful in it's own right, a battle theme with beauty (I know it sounds odd) and a strange calmness. There are a lot of other pieces in Fusion that are also wonderful, such as Final Mission and the Neo Ridley Battle Theme with it's mix of the sort of 'X' music theme of high pitch notes and a sort of wavy noise. I like the use of 'percussion' through the piece as well, it features it heavily, but it never seems to grate on my mind.

    • Super Metroid- Brinstar (Red Soil)
      I guess as you can figure out, I like calm pieces, and Brinstar is no exception to the list. It's a beautiful piece, and in my opinion, one of the best in the Series, and possibly from Nintendo. The use of 'piano' and 'flute' is not a combination you see everyday, and it's like audible gold for the ears. The most out of these three pieces I love listening too, a calm serenity is expressed in the music, bringing the area to life. I understand that it's not powerful and exciting like Brinstar (Plant Overgrowth Area) or the iconic Ridley/Draygon Battle Theme or making you feel powerful like Theme of Samus Aran, Galactic Warrior with it's use of brass instruments like trumpets and tubas. Out of all those amazing pieces I listed, this piece still takes the cake. While I'm not a fan of Super Metroid, this game certainly has one of the best soundtracks out of all the games and Nintendo's catalog of games.

  • Hard for me to pick one singular favorite. I love the music for Kraid's Lair in Metroid, Red Brinstar from Super Metroid, both tracks from Sector 4 (AQA) in Fusion, Underwater Frigate Reactor Core from Metroid Prime, Quadraxis from Prime 2, Bryyo from Prime 3, and basically everything from AM2R.

    If I had to pick which (official) game in the series has the best music though, I'd probably go with Prime 2. Pretty much every area has great music (maybe except Agon), every (non guardian) boss has a great track, and the entire OST has thematic structure that matches the atmosphere of the game.

  • Toughie. It comes pretty close between the main theme of Prime 2, and Green Brinstar. If only for nostalgia, green Brinstar is my favourite. If AM2R counts, then Falcool's SR388.

  • All of you have brought up a good point, the series as a whole as a ton of great music. I feel like the series really has done an amazing job of capturing feelings/emotions/being atmospheric in its use to music, probably more so than most other game series. I absolutely love game music so for me this subject is really interesting. I'm not a music guy in terms of knowing all the terms or anything I just simply know what I like lol.

  • "Hive Mecha/Totem" (not sure what the official name is but I see these two exchanged frequently) from Metroid Prime, followed closely by "Surface of SR-388" from Metroid II and "Green Brinstar" of Super Metroid.

  • For me, the best track in the series is Kraid's Lair, hands down. I've been in love with that track since I first heard it in Smash Bros, well before I had even played any Metroid game, let alone the original. I love the way the track opens with such a foreboding atmosphere and builds on it with each phrase, culminating in the fast, scale-like section that would be really out of place if not for the slow, lumbering bass-line under it before scaling back down in preparation for the loop.

    I also appreciate that it's a piece that used only two instruments, meaning I could use it to learn to play piano two-handed. I never did get the fast section down, but whatever piano ability I have right now I owe to Kraid's Theme.

  • @gendreavus said in Favorite Music Track From The Series?:

    For me, the best track in the series is Kraid's Lair, hands down.


  • I really like the Main theme from prime but imma say norfair because... Norfair Represent!
    Theme of super metroid also gives me chills, and kraid theme is obviously classic.

  • Kraid's lair is awesome, but I damn near cried when I heard the Prime theme again after not playing it for a few years.
    That game is such a big part of childhood.

  • #1: Metroid Zero Mission Title Screen
    #2: Escape from Dark Aether
    #3: Phendrana Drifts Valley
    #4: Hunters (Prime 2 multiplayer themes)
    #5: Portal Puzzle theme in MP2's Portal room
    #6: Chykka (or Chyyka) themes
    #7: Escape (MZM)
    #8: Omega Pirate theme
    #9: Gandrayda boss theme
    #10: Escape
    #11: AM2R Credits 2
    #12: Arcterra Theme #2 (Prime Hunters)
    #13: M:OM Title screen theme 2
    #14: M II's main menu theme (wait for a bit then it'll get better)

  • Like @AmwolfMusic, I am an audiophile, but I can keep my comments easy for the laymen to understand.

    1. Other M - Final Mission Orders: an amazing track that gave you the sense that you truly were embarking on your final tasks. It's a "Damn!" shame (yes, I said it, fight me) that the track is very short-lived. The Harmony 101% remix "Unfinished Business" did this track justice.

    2. Metroid Prime 3 - Vs. Rundas: epic, in every sense of the word. Once again, only complaint is that the fight is so short, you usually don't get to hear the track through a full loop unless you're playing on Hypermode, and even then, you still might kill Rundas faster than the track loop.

    3. Metroid Fusion - Vs. Serris/Yakuza: see @AmwolfMusic's post above, she nailed it.

    4. Metroid Zero Mission - Kraid's Lair: love the atmosphere this provides.

    5. Super Metroid - Lower Norfair: see 4. Original is best, I wasn't a fan of the extra snare drum used in the Magmoor adaptation, but it is an overall good adaptation.

  • @fatherbrain230 said in Favorite Music Track From The Series?:

    Like @AmwolfMusic, I am an audiophile, but I can keep my comments easy for the laymen to understand.

    Damn son that's some shade

  • @sidiouth there is nothing wro- 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    He's throwing some shade, he's R O A S T I N G me...


  • @amwolfmusic HAHAHA! I love this community and the humor around here haha!


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