Favorite Music Track From The Series?

  • All of you have brought up a good point, the series as a whole as a ton of great music. I feel like the series really has done an amazing job of capturing feelings/emotions/being atmospheric in its use to music, probably more so than most other game series. I absolutely love game music so for me this subject is really interesting. I'm not a music guy in terms of knowing all the terms or anything I just simply know what I like lol.

  • "Hive Mecha/Totem" (not sure what the official name is but I see these two exchanged frequently) from Metroid Prime, followed closely by "Surface of SR-388" from Metroid II and "Green Brinstar" of Super Metroid.

  • For me, the best track in the series is Kraid's Lair, hands down. I've been in love with that track since I first heard it in Smash Bros, well before I had even played any Metroid game, let alone the original. I love the way the track opens with such a foreboding atmosphere and builds on it with each phrase, culminating in the fast, scale-like section that would be really out of place if not for the slow, lumbering bass-line under it before scaling back down in preparation for the loop.

    I also appreciate that it's a piece that used only two instruments, meaning I could use it to learn to play piano two-handed. I never did get the fast section down, but whatever piano ability I have right now I owe to Kraid's Theme.

  • @gendreavus said in Favorite Music Track From The Series?:

    For me, the best track in the series is Kraid's Lair, hands down.


  • I really like the Main theme from prime but imma say norfair because... Norfair Represent!
    Theme of super metroid also gives me chills, and kraid theme is obviously classic.

  • Kraid's lair is awesome, but I damn near cried when I heard the Prime theme again after not playing it for a few years.
    That game is such a big part of childhood.

  • #1: Metroid Zero Mission Title Screen
    #2: Escape from Dark Aether
    #3: Phendrana Drifts Valley
    #4: Hunters (Prime 2 multiplayer themes)
    #5: Portal Puzzle theme in MP2's Portal room
    #6: Chykka (or Chyyka) themes
    #7: Escape (MZM)
    #8: Omega Pirate theme
    #9: Gandrayda boss theme
    #10: Escape
    #11: AM2R Credits 2
    #12: Arcterra Theme #2 (Prime Hunters)
    #13: M:OM Title screen theme 2
    #14: M II's main menu theme (wait for a bit then it'll get better)

  • Like @AmwolfMusic, I am an audiophile, but I can keep my comments easy for the laymen to understand.

    1. Other M - Final Mission Orders: an amazing track that gave you the sense that you truly were embarking on your final tasks. It's a "Damn!" shame (yes, I said it, fight me) that the track is very short-lived. The Harmony 101% remix "Unfinished Business" did this track justice.

    2. Metroid Prime 3 - Vs. Rundas: epic, in every sense of the word. Once again, only complaint is that the fight is so short, you usually don't get to hear the track through a full loop unless you're playing on Hypermode, and even then, you still might kill Rundas faster than the track loop.

    3. Metroid Fusion - Vs. Serris/Yakuza: see @AmwolfMusic's post above, she nailed it.

    4. Metroid Zero Mission - Kraid's Lair: love the atmosphere this provides.

    5. Super Metroid - Lower Norfair: see 4. Original is best, I wasn't a fan of the extra snare drum used in the Magmoor adaptation, but it is an overall good adaptation.

  • @fatherbrain230 said in Favorite Music Track From The Series?:

    Like @AmwolfMusic, I am an audiophile, but I can keep my comments easy for the laymen to understand.

    Damn son that's some shade

  • @sidiouth there is nothing wro- 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    He's throwing some shade, he's R O A S T I N G me...


  • @amwolfmusic HAHAHA! I love this community and the humor around here haha!


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