Hi, I'm new!

  • @sidiouth Prime 2 is where I point people that want to play a new series because everything else they play is too easy. They come crying to me later about Boost Guardian and Spider Guardian…

  • @fatherbrain230 Well my fool self picked it up not knowing anything about it. I played Dark Souls and I think it's easier than the Boost Guardian and especially the spider guardian.

  • Spider Guardian's not too to bad if you get its pattern of movement down. He's also been nerfed a bit in Trilogy where his annoying ball of power didn't reach on section higher that it itself was moving at.

  • Hi. I'm Lucifuga. I joined sometime in '05. My greatest accomplishment in life is winning the Most Likeable award in 2010 or whatever. Now, there is no proof of this happening due to the death of our old forums, but you can trust me when I say it happened. I swear on my Most Likeable award from 2010 or whatever.

  • @lucifuga LUCI! Welcome back, long time no see.

  • Gendreavus's (Nathaniel's) brother. I write music. I've watched Nathaniel play Metroid for as long as we had it, and started with Prime several years ago. I've never been the biggest Metroid gamer, but I thought I'd hop on this train now that it's leaving the station again.

    Though I haven't played that much (P1, a bit of P2, Super Metroid, and some Fusion) I love what I have played. I'm pumped for Nathaniel to let me play Samus Returns whenever he gets bored of it. And heck, I might check out the rest of the catalog too at some point.

  • @young-kondo You'll never go back

  • Oh boy, it's BrotherTime!

  • Hey guys, iPonder1024 here! I joined MHQ back in 2008 (how things have changed in the world) as just a young lad, and my first Metroid game was Prime 1/Fusion. Oddly enough I found Metroid: Fusion outside on the ground just a few days after discovering Prime 1, and really kicked off my addiction to video games as a whole. I remember the community back on MHQ and how it was just well.... kind of cool for me.

    I was so surprised to see the legacy of MHQ still being pushed on!!! Everything Metroid related is dropping one by one, and the world is getting dark...(lol) I really hope there is still money in a good traditional Metroid game! Anyways, it's good to see you Gendreavus even if you don't remember me haha. Is there anyone else still around? Flyboy? His name seems to be the only one I can remember... anyways it was kind of cool to see this, I'll check back for MHQ again as I always have. It was good to see this.

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