Hi, I'm new!

  • Hello all, everyone's favorite Metroid brain, FatherBrain230. Glad to see the forums are back! I was just as surprised as everyone else that we would finally be returning to our former glory. Now I can finally begin plotting my galactic takeover!

    I am a former co-webmaster of the now-defunct Metroid.eu, and was in full control of the site's phpbb forums, including its CSS, moderation, and structure.

    I got into Metroid back in 1996, and I attempted to achieve the Super Metroid world record fastest 100% completion as a child in 1999, but I was unable to reach the top. I am usually very knowledgeable regarding details of Metroid games, but sometimes I may mix up some details with others.

    I am always open to civil debate as to how the series could best progress forward. I am also a part-time streamer (twitch.tv/dracofalconi) usually playing Metroid games, including Super and Fusion, but this is rare.

  • Wait, so who runs the site? Does Gendy run it and Elias is just there as the main attraction and communications guy or what? XD

  • Gendreavus runs it, I just sit back in my retired state and "consult."

  • @eliasthompson Oh, okay, so you try your best to take it offline, but Gendy and Saturnaut keep it online? XP

  • @amwolfmusic Something like that.

  • @gendreavus Makes sense.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @nostradankus A fellow lore lover? We need more people like that on here! Lol.

  • Hihi, I'm new here. Long winded introduction.

    As you can see, I'm Froyo. I became a Metroid fan ages ago with either Prime 1 or Prime Hunters, don't remember too well, and became fond of the series since then. I've played the Prime trilogy, Hunters, Zero Mission, Other M and Fusion.

    That said, I hadn't touched the series in literal ages after playing Other M, and I was pretty young and didn't know much English when I played the others, so I don't remember too well, please bear with me xD I started replaying them again from Zero Mission onwards after E3, so hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon :v

    I learned of MHQ from Elias, and I'll need somewhere to fanboy about the series so, uh, yeah lol.


    Tl;dr nice to meet you all :3

  • @froyo sry new forum who dis

  • I'm Cody, I work on Zelda Universe together with Elias so I heard about the site from him. My favourite Metroid game is Super Smash Bros U.

  • @cody how do I down vote a post here

  • @eliasthompson I refuse to educate you on the workings or existence of the admin control panel.

  • Hello! Darren here from Shinesparkers. I've done quite a bit around the community over the years, such as heading the Harmony of a Hunter albums. More relevant here though is that I sometimes drop in for the MHQThon, usually commentating with my friend Falcool.

    I'm happy to see MHQ live again!

  • I'm not old enough to really "remember when MHQ was around," but I too am happy to see another good metroid forum :)

  • @gendreavus we have an admin panel?

  • Hi New, I'm Dante

  • But for real, my name is Dante, I play Metroid and first learned it from my brother being the one who has played it, I didn't like prime.

    Then sooner or later I loved the series.
    And now I am here
    Making a suit.
    ..someday, that is.
    Also planning on rul----- joining, the MHQ bandwagon

    PSS: Other Aliases of me are Dante Sparda (Skype), I1ISAMUSI1I (Followed behind [TWoN] most times, Steam), Dante tLDS (Discord), Dante_tLDS (Twitch&Minecraft), Dante Tlds (FaceBook), and Dante t LDS @Dante_tLDS (Twitter)

    PS: Sheesh Elias, how fast of a reader are you:

  • Hi, pretty new to MHQ. My name is Sidiouth. I never knew about MHQ until I saw MDB plugging the marathon recently.
    My first Metroid game was Prime 2, what a god tier choice I made at that random Gamestop.

    My story such as it is, is that I come from a family of gamers, but I never played. The household favorite was Zelda. But I was too young to really be interested in playing it myself, I was content to watch. At some point I started playing games, but it bugged me that none of them were really mine. So I went to Gamestop, browsed the GC games and saw Prime 2. The booklet looked cool and I'd at least heard of Metroid through Melee. So I said whatever and bought it. When I got to the Boost Guardian and the game decided it was okay with crushing the hopes and dreams of 12 year old me, I went back out and bought Prime 1. I must have read that booklet 10 times on the car ride home. From then on I spent every waking moment on Wikitroid learning everything I could about the series. And the rest is history.

  • @sidiouth Prime 2 is where I point people that want to play a new series because everything else they play is too easy. They come crying to me later about Boost Guardian and Spider Guardian…


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