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  • Welcome to MetroidHQ! Before you take to the rest of the boards, why not introduce yourself? Whether you've been around on our old boards, your an MHQthon regular, or a lurker-turned-member, we'd love to get to know you a little before you take to the rest of the site!

  • I suppose it's only fair for me to start! I'm Gendreavus, or Nathaniel as you'll hear me referred to on the MHQthon or Facebook. My first Metroid game was Prime 1 on the GameCube, and I dove into the backlog head-first after that. I joined MHQ back in 2004 and became a mod not long after. Now I run the place! Moral of the story is to follow your dreams and you too could run the third-or-so largest fan-community of the game series of your choice!

  • Hello. My name is Elias. I did a Metroid thing once for a while. Now I'm here.

  • Hey everyone, Saturnaut here. You all know me as the guy that was supposed to get the forums revamped 5 years ago, and instead killed them. Until now. All part of the plan. Anyway, I joined MHQ in ... 2005, I think, under the username "Axion". I'm a software architect and an avid Metroid fan (but a crap speed runner). Glad to see the revitalization of the Metroid community. All hail Samus' Return!

  • I am Dramanomic, formerly known as Kabrelle. Other names I go by are Jay, Jeremy, and/or J-Word. My first Metroid game was Fusion followed closely by Metroid Prime. I became good friends with Shrander and Dragon of MHQ in real life who eventually got me to join this community. Though not always active I've partaken in a few discussions and have tuned in every year for the MHQthon.

  • Hello all, I'm Miles07. I originally joined MHQ probably sometime back in 2004, I think. In fact, this was where I set up my first online profile anywhere on any site, so MHQ is a special home for me, and I'm glad to see it alive again.

  • I am the executive operative of kkzero Studios, hence the name. I learned Metroid from playing Smash at a young age, and eventually I got into Super Metroid through Wii virtual console. Man, that game was my jam back in 3rd Grade. In fact, I was the only Nintendo nerd in my class of "hardcore" kids playing Call of Duty, Halo, etc. Eventually, I got into more Metroid games throughout my life aside other adventures in gaming. Out of all the Metroid fan services I skimmed when I was 9, I never found MHQ until the 'Thon of 2016. So I'm stuck with y'all whether you like it or not.

  • I've been a part of the MHQ community for about a year now. Metroid got me into programming, and that's what I like to do in my free time. I can't overstate how excited I am that these fourms are finally online.

  • Yo, I'm MetroidsMakeGoodPets, aka MMGP for short. What you see is what you get, just a gamer who loves adventure (my own spin on the lines Sonic says in Sonic Adventure 2). I've been a Metroid fan since 2001 with Metroid Prime being my intro into the series. From there I went to Fusion, then Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid (NES on MP1 unlock). I then went to Super and MZM. Then on to Prime 3 and Metroid 2. Then Other M and most recently AM2R. I like other types of games too. I'm big on Final Fantasy (series), Zelda (series), Dead Space (series), Soulsborne (Demon's Souls - Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne), Sonic (series), TES (specifically Skyrim and ESO), and the other game main staples like Mario. I like all kinds of movies by my favorites are sci-fi/horror movies (usually combining the 2 movie types). I like to read once in a while but a good movie is usually more my speed. I've been gaming since I was around maybe 5(ish) (I was 6 when I got my Sega but I was gaming with my cousins before that). Hobbies include drawing, writing short stories, playing games, watching movies, spending time with my girlfriend and my friends and family. I'm also HUGE into game lore. If the game lore is super deep and complicated, then I'll love it! I also enjoying playing Magic The Gathering and D&D when I get the chance with friends. As far as being on the Forums, no, I wasn't able to until now because the site has been down. I did start watching MHQthon back in 2012 and have caught it every year since. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

  • @mmgp Do Metroid's really make good pets?

  • @metroid3d Of course!! Shoot a Queen or a Prime are the BEST security for a home ever! Forget a guard dog, you need one of those!


    I like Fusion, Other M, and Fed Force. I am of the female variety ooo super rare I know and I like Metroid. I still think Metroid Database is best site because R Y A N I can reads my mangas there.

  • @amwolfmusic Even MDB sympathizers are accepted here.

  • @gendreavus That's good, I only follow MDb because of R Y A N the manga.

  • Hello all, everyone's favorite Metroid brain, FatherBrain230. Glad to see the forums are back! I was just as surprised as everyone else that we would finally be returning to our former glory. Now I can finally begin plotting my galactic takeover!

    I am a former co-webmaster of the now-defunct Metroid.eu, and was in full control of the site's phpbb forums, including its CSS, moderation, and structure.

    I got into Metroid back in 1996, and I attempted to achieve the Super Metroid world record fastest 100% completion as a child in 1999, but I was unable to reach the top. I am usually very knowledgeable regarding details of Metroid games, but sometimes I may mix up some details with others.

    I am always open to civil debate as to how the series could best progress forward. I am also a part-time streamer (twitch.tv/dracofalconi) usually playing Metroid games, including Super and Fusion, but this is rare.

  • Wait, so who runs the site? Does Gendy run it and Elias is just there as the main attraction and communications guy or what? XD

  • Gendreavus runs it, I just sit back in my retired state and "consult."

  • @eliasthompson Oh, okay, so you try your best to take it offline, but Gendy and Saturnaut keep it online? XP

  • @amwolfmusic Something like that.

  • @gendreavus Makes sense.


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