• @sidiouth you can set the controls to whatever, there's a custom control screen at the start remember.

  • @Metroid3D I do, but it behaves weirdly. Like jump and shoot are bound to the same key when they're not.

  • I know it's been ages since I've posted here, but I've got a pretty huge progress update.
    For one, I've changed the name of the game to "Pixeltroid", because a Super Metroid romhack was already called Retroid.

    Here's the updated title screen:
    alt text

    Another surprise, the options menu works! All of these are fully functional.
    alt text

    And a working file select! You can copy and delete your files. They also store playtime.
    alt text

    Let's get into the game, shall we? Thanks to a handy palette swap shader written by Pixelated Pope, All three of Samus's suits have been implemented. The only one that still needs work is Gravity, as there's currently no code behind it.

    alt text

    Pause menu is pause menu. Everything works here too.

    alt text

    You may have also noticed that Brinstar's tiles have been updated. That's it for now, but I'm gonna try and post more here.

  • @metroid3d Heck yeah! Keep at it! No download this time?

  • @sidiouth To be honest, I'd forgotten...

    Oh well! Fixed that now!

  • @metroid3d Congrats, pretty good demo I'd say. AM2R, Minitroid, and hopefully we get to add yours to the list of good quality fangames.

  • @sidiouth Awww, thanks!

  • @metroid3d I like the screen shake, makes it really feel like an older game to me.

  • Looks pretty bad to me.
    Jk, awesome work with toki's sprites. Code seeeeemms solid too.

  • http://nintendocfc.com/booth.html?id=112
    I made a booth at NCFC for the demo! If you wanna try the newest version, give it a go!

  • It's been a while, and I've since made some major updates! I've finished most of the engine and added a map system. Today, I finished door caps!


  • Not dead! Just not a lot of public progress. Also game is widescreen now.

    https://imgur.com/4B6uHPE (Elias links aren't embedding and I can't upload pictures/videos fix this)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @hackmi said in Pixeltroid:

    Is this dead?
    No, it's very much alive, it's been a crazy journey making this with Met3D, the game's been done over a few times and over and over again but every time it gets a lot better, we're at the stage where there's not too much left to code, redoing a lot of art though (message me if you want all my old stuff that won't be used). We've all been a little busy with School and work but it's been going well so far, after some thought it was decided that the game will be reasonably short so it doesn't have a premature death like so many other Metroid fan games (COUGH ORIGINS). So expect it to be a fun little unique 30min-1 hour long game. At the moment things are a little messy with all the maps and stuff. The art's probably what needs the most work right now it's pretty inconsistent and a bit difficult to keep track of what's what.
    What's it about?
    Hey! No spoilers!
    I'll tell you the basic premise/the point/why you should play.
    This game wants to be unique, something a little different to other Metroid games, all the main Metroid games were unique in their own way and I hope this one blows you away too.
    This is a fangame that Metroid 3D and his team have worked on for a while now, it began as a showcase to me that a Metroid game could be made in Game Maker studio, but quickly grew on from small tech demos and is now being formed into a fully fledged game. Originally it was known as "Retroid" but quickly renamed and fully re-done multiple times with new artwork, all stemming from the wonderful samus sprites by Tokinsom and his awesome project Minitroid.
    Why play it?
    Pixeltroid will have several areas/worlds to explore with brand new mechanics and refined, original ideas mixed with classic gameplay and world design techniques. The game aims to cram as much Metroid into as little space as possible and takes inspirations from classics like Super Metroid and Metroid 2.
    Here's a small list of the main things to expect from the finished project:
    Refined art style and consistency
    A fully fledged map
    Original combat and beam systems
    High Quality memorable music that will stick with you long after the game has been turned off.
    Demo when?
    Not sure. A smallish complete mini demo thing is planned soon but that'll probably be vastly different from the main game tbh.
    Why not show some of it off yet?
    Simple, want it to be a suprise, something unexpected but


    We aim to create a game that stands the test of time and is unique but true to itself and the rest of the franchise.


    He said it good. It's gonna be a touch longer than a hour(hopefully). STAY TUNED GANG for November when NCFC rolls around. We'll be releasing a demo then.

  • http://www.nintendocfc.com/booth.html?id=4
    Demo is out!! Contains the first area of Pixeltroid and a boss ;)
    Controllers are supported but analog sticks are not(will be fixed later).

  • woah bad game xd ddd

  • OMG this is the best game ever!!!

    but can you make the character faster pls

  • @theone4
    nice one.


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