Fed Force Review... After Holding Onto Script for One Year

  • Well, uh... this is interesting...

    I planned to make the video a few weeks after writing this script/review. It's not my best review, and I certainly have a better one in the works, but this should be saved for eternity... or delete this post idfc

    Like I said, 1 year old, it certainly has... aged.

    Before I even begin this review of Metroid Prime Federation Force, I would like to give some big thanks to some people.

    Elias Thompson
    And Ganon11

    For forming the… ELIAS SQUAD And staying through almost 7 HOURS of gameplay with me and avoiding spoilers.

    Hello everyone, I am Amwolf Music and yes, I paid $43.40 US for Federation Force, ITS NOT AS BAD AS CANADA WHO HAS TO PAY $75 FOR IT. I am not paid by Nintendo to do this review, I mean, look at that sub count, haha it would take a lot.

    Metroid Prime Federation Force, is… something, no doubt. While it was immediately written off by the majority of the fanbase, I was actually sitting happily at home, eager to see this game. Almost a year of nothing later… short videos/trailers near the release, one MP2thon2016, and lots of coffee later, Federation Force was released! Now, the GameStop in my area I prefer to use was only sent 2 COPIES, and I got the last one a few weeks later.

    A few things to note about Federation Force…

    .:Play JonTron “Everyone Move Slow” sound:.

    This game is only for people who have a good internet connection, an outlet next to them, three friends :( .:pause for a moment:.-you can have less than three, but I recommend having three with you- those friends need the game too, and ALL THE FREE TIME POSSIBLE

    This game is quite difficult alone, as you progress through, it becomes apparent that you are going to need help, this game was built for Multiplayer; it quite literally is a MULTIPLAYER METROID GAME. This may have Trigge-I mean, upset some people, but it's the truth. This is best played online or with friends, and actually, it's the definitive way of playing this game. You'll have a better and far more enjoyable time doing so.

    Or you could sit there for hours struggling by yourself, I mean itsyourlifeenditthewayyouwanttoenditImnotgoingtodoanythingaboutit. Only if you hate your life that much, that is.

    The first few minutes of this game is a slow, nice, hand holding mission, helping you get used to the game and whatnot. You have a target time -- either meet it on the dot or under -- you have a bonus objective, and you want ALL the points…and mods too I guess.

    This Mission is fairly easy, and it will introduce a lot of things to you, so if you ever forget what to do, just go back to Mission 01. The rest is a coasting ride to the end. If you're with friends, that is. If you are solo, this may be you: .:Find table flipping clip:.

    Mission 1 is your first mission, the tutorial of this game, you're dropped on the planet Accelcion to reclaim a Federation outpost. The outpost is overrunned by mere Ice Hoppers, but be careful, there are dangers around every corner…

    Mission 2 has you exploring ancient ruins on the planet Bion, a strange signal has been coming from the planet. It is your job to get through the ruins and find where the signal is coming from.

    Mission 3 has you dropped on the third, and final planet, Talvania. A generator that's randomly gone back online, your job is to shut it down.

    This game has a total of 22 missions, of course, each escalated in difficulty as you progress.

    This game has various items you can equip before a mission., On multiplayer you have to split these items up evenly… Sorry guys, I just was trying to fill the void in my heart of not being Samus… those items include:

    Healing Capsules
    Super Missiles
    Slow Beam

    And more beyond these main ones.

    There is also Amiibo support for this ga- .:stifle a laugh:. Okay, so you really only unlock paint jobs with amiibo, and most of the time, you're not even going to look at the mech in missions. But there are two amiibo you may want to get for this game.

    Zero Suit Samus and Samus

    They will unlock special bonuses for using the paint jobs they unlock, Zero Suit will allow you to have 5 Slow Beam ammo instead of 3, and the Samus amiibo will allow you to carry 10 missiles per pack, instead of the normal 5 missiles per pack. Sadly, no matter how much Gendy has tried, we still haven't unlocked True Samus mode.

    As you progress through this game, you will find that collecting mods is the best way possible to even beat certain levels. There are certain mods that are quite literally, only useful in one specific Mission, looking at you Sealed Joints!

    Mods are your power ups, but be careful, these have a chance of breaking, either upon death, or if you quit a Mission early. Some are completely indestructible, though the Lone Wolf and Hypermode mods are the only ones that I know of, and every single one can and will determine the outcome of your mission.

    The Hypermode mod will be unlocked just by playing a game of Blast Ball, you don't even have to win, just play a game.

    You will also unlock paint jobs, but the only ones that are decent are the Ridley and Mother Brain paint jobs that are in Blast Ball. OH, AND YOU CAN’T USE BLAST BALL PAINT JOBS FOR ACTUAL PAINT JOBS IN MISSIONS, Nintendo… just… stop, no, just… no. All the HOURS I spent in Blast Ball for those skins, hoping that I could use them in the main attraction was wrong. So do not waste your time for those epic skins to use, just find your favorite amiibo and use it, if you can.

    As you continue your play through Federation Force, you will realize that this game has difficulty spikes. Single player is hell after a certain point in the game, you will struggle through and you will rage quit sometimes.

    I would like to comment on the story, but really, it's the same Metroid story.

    **** went down (More than absolutely likely including Space Pirates) and you have to fix it. Whether that be blowing **** up, which you get to do a lot of in this game (thank god) or “fixing” something.

    By the way, the Metroids are ****ing adorable in this game. Nintendo, you're really busting my *** with killing these things, they're just too… goddamn adorable… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    While she doesn't appear throughout the majority of the game, Samus is really the main character here. You're just some nameless guy who is working “side by side” with Samus Aran. Samus has a presence, even in your missions that she could easily do, you always look up at the sky hoping she'll fly by and just do your job.


    This game loves to remind you of Samus, it loves to put a hidden meaning by saying, “Our work here is done, Samus Aran will investigate.” Which is really the game’s kind way of saying: “You're not Samus Aran, so don't do anything stupid.” And here I thought that if you were Samus, you would forever be in Rambo mode, which I won't complain about because that just sounds and feels bad***… Other M… Just… get out.

    This game will take at least 6 hours of gameplay with friends. In my playthrough, with some of the lovely people from the MHQ discord, we finished the game just shy of 7 hours, not a single failed Mission as well. A few near failures, but not a single fail. This game will take a team who is not speaking to each other, whether face-to-face or with a 3rd party voice chat, maybe 8-9 hours. The whole game with friends is 10 hours at most.

    Note: This game does not have voice chat, it has pre-recorded voices, and a limited selection of phrases to go along.

    While I already knew the ending getting into this game, when I discovered it, and when the rest of Elias Squad did while playing, it was a shocker. Stick around for some more near the end, I'll remove anything that could spoil the ending, so there are no spoilers here.

    Should you get this game? My verdict is: only if you have the free time and the friends who are more than willing. Don’t come for any major story line elements. Trust me, Other M has far more incentive to play for the story than Federation Force. The story is nearly nothing in this game and, while I wont spoil the ending, here is the reaction of everyone on Elias Squad to the reveal of the “Final” Boss in this game. Thank you Triplicate, by the way, for capturing that!

    .:Play clip:.
    Buy this game, and I can’t stress this enough, ONLY if you have the TIME and FRIENDS to play it with. It is far more enjoyable with friends to yell at then just sitting there in the middle of the night crying… um…

    Edit: A bit of language.


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