Why Other M is T E R R I B L E

  • I love Other M, so, I decided to do something different...

    I will state why Other M is so terrible.

    *Ridley became a pokemon
    *Too monotone
    *Cutscene length
    *Generic sectors
    *Some characters take up time
    *MB is Mother Brain
    *The federation is stupid
    *Pew Pew
    *Samus whines a lot
    *Ridley encounter
    *We don't kill anything
    *The B A B Y
    *Nightmare became a literal nightmare with the baby noises

    Any more reply with, I'm getting cancer, this isn't good for me.

  • I feel like Other M, while I'll still stand by my dislike of some of the aspects of the game, was a great idea that was poorly executed. It's not a bad game but not a good game either. It sits in this weird limbo and I think that's why so many people have a problem with it. It does have it's moments where it shines but it also has moments where it falls flat (at least for me).

    Some of the personal issues I have with it are:

    Ridley was too animistic: In the other Metroid games, he has an intelligence. He's a general, he's tactical, and he's ruthless. In Other M, he's more like a crazed wild animal. I understand he's a clone, but even at that he should still have the original's intelligence because that's genetic (as in IQ and genetics). I suppose you could chalk that up to Mother Brain being the one who gave him that but if I remember correctly he was the leader of the Space Pirates before Mother Brain betrayed the Chozo and Federation.

    Samus PTSD: I'll start off with that yes it makes sense that she would react that way with PTSD. However, shouldn't Samus have come to terms with this by now considering she has fought Ridley before several times? Even if you consider that she thought he was dead, she thought that before and she obviously knew he survived her battles in the past. So that shouldn't have been as big of a shock to her. I can excuse some aspects of this though because they were trying to humanize Samus and make her more relatable. But within the universe it doesn't make as much sense from a common sense prospective.

    Too Linear: Metroid at it's core has always been about exploring and Other M really deviates from that. I understand why, because it has to tell a story and it's hard to tell a deep engaging story while letting the player go all over the place and back track. It does work within Other M but it's too limiting at times.

    Authorization/Power Progression: I feel like the biggest issue here is NOT the whole "daddy" issue so many people point out, or even the idea that Samus shouldn't be submitting to her old CO. My problem is the common sense aspect. The Hell Run is a perfect example. Why would Samus put her own life at risk just because it wasn't authorized before hand. It's a powerup that only serves to help her and does not cause harm to anyone (the reason given for not allowing weapons early on). That's very immersion breaking. Common sense in games works and when things fly in the face of common sense it harms the overall experience the player has.

    Narrative Has Incomplete Parts/Loose Ends: One of the biggest let downs for me was not figuring out who the "Deleter" was. I felt that was a loose end that should have been tied up.

    Those are just my thoughts though.

  • @amwolfmusic Not enough "perfect military mind"

    @MMGP Also, Adam walked off with the last level.

  • @mmgp I don't know who the deleter was, I think it was Kyle, but I think he died. 🤔

  • It's bad because I didn't make it

  • @amwolfmusic James is the one you find in the room on your way to Sector 0, right? I always thought it was him, since it built the scene before it up like the Deleter was going to kill MB, but then got killed by her instead.

  • @gendreavus I think so, but there's one person on the team who didn't die (according to the team info when you do the after credits gameplay) and I think it's Kyle.

  • Not counting Higgs? If that's post-game then it should be public knowledge that he's still alive.

  • @gendreavus well Anthony wasn't trying to kill anyone... so it's either Kyle if that Other guy.

  • @amwolfmusic said in Why Other M is T E R R I B L E:

    @gendreavus I think so, but there's one person on the team who didn't die (according to the team info when you do the after credits gameplay) and I think it's Kyle.

    Kyle got knocked into lava by Ridley. I remember that clearly.

  • @metroid3d so who did survive, I know that besides Anthony, someone else survived.

  • @amwolfmusic It was just Anthony. You see one trooper get knocked into lava, it wasn't Kyle, I don't remember. Boot up other M, check team status, and whoever is "Unconfirmed" was killed.

  • @metroid3d I don't... know where my wiimote... is... and it doesn't have batteries.


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