The name is tentative, don't mind it.

This is a project I've been working on for ~3 months. It started out as an example to prove a point that one can make a Metroid engine in Gamemaker, and as a learning exercise for Gamemaker Studio 2.

Remember Minitroid? Well, I do. And I though it was a shame to see it die. I've decided to try and create at least one area (possibly more) just for the hell of it somewhat inspired by Minitroid. Run through Brinstar as a tiny Samus Aran, collecting upgrades and traversing this strange alien planet.

I'm gonna put more here as time goes on, but for now, here's what I've got:
Title Screen

A save point. The letter in the bottom left represents your weapon.

Another shot of Brinstar.

People who helped
Hackmi - Sending me the Minimus sprites
Miepee - Title screen drawing
Tokinsom - Minimus sprites and allowing me to use them
Shaun Spalding - Platformer Engine
Chris Broadus - Item Fanfare
@Miles07 - Item sprites
@AmwolfMusic - Clipping the development streams I've done
@Grayson - Making me the Geemer sprite
TheBreadGhost - Temporary Music(Theme of Samus Aran)

If you've got any questions whatsoever, ask away. I'm hoping I can share a small trailer sometime soon, and in the future, a demo.

Edit: I've made a tiny demo, mostly for the purpose of getting feedback on the game's controls and physics. You can download it here.

Thanks for reading!