So starting up Super Metroid today I realized something I hadn't really thought about much before, the controls/mechanics around the controls. What I'm about to say is going to be very unpopular and I suppose I'm ready for that blow back. Here it is, Super Metroid's controls/movement mechanics are slow, clunky, and unresponsive. Yes, I just said something negative about the one of the series sweethearts.

Hear me out here though. After playing MZM and Fusion (only for a short period of time in the last few days) and starting up Prime, and today firing up Super in an effort to figure out which one I'm wanting to replay, I realized that the controls are just clunky. When you jump into a spin, how often do you fall out of spin and into just a regular jump? Pretty often right? How often do you feel like maybe you're too "floaty" when you jump? Far too often I assume. The truth is we let this slide most of the time because the game is still amazing regardless. Then we move on with our lives and completely forget about the controls.

Don't get me wrong, I love Super Metroid, in fact it ties for number one with Prime in my personal opinion. But that doesn't really excuse the way the controls feel. As a huge fan of the game, I'm willing to be objective about the controls.

Maybe I'm the only one who feels this? Who knows? Please comment and tell me your thoughts and opinions.