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Podcast Prime

Podcast Prime Live • June 1, 2013

This month we talk to Tommy Tallarico, creator of Video Games Live and sound effect designer for Metroid Prime, about his work in Metroid and current projects. We also talk about the graphics of Metroid and have a very special announcement!

Music of a Mozzaratti • May 1, 2013

This month, we speak to composer Mozzaratti, who contributed to the Harmony of a Hunter albums, about his music and background in Metroid. We also discuss the story of Metroid. Enjoy!

In teh Podcast • April 1, 2013

In our latest installment, we speak to Andrew Mills, former webmaster and founder of Samus.co.uk, about his past in the community and current activities. Plus, the staff discusses the bosses of Metroid.

Rock, Paper, Planes • March 1, 2013

This month we speak with Pyro Paper Planes, an artist on Harmony of a Hunter, about his musical past, present, and future. We also discuss the areas and location int he Metroid series. Have a listen!

To the End of Infinity • February 1, 2013

In this Podcast Prime, we sit down with Infinity's End, Co-Owner of Metroid Database, and talk to him about his time at MDB and professional work in the video game industry. Our staff also discusses some of the weapons seen in the Metroid series.

Primed for 2013 • January 1, 2013

We're back and better than ever for 2013 with the debut of our new shorter format! This month, we interview Nate Horsfall, artist for the Metroid community and animator extraordinaire, and discuss what the future holds for Metroid.

MHQ Podcast

Episode 25: The End? • December 12, 2012

In a brief podcast to close out the year, three staff members discuss how they thought the Wii U launch went, as well as celebrate Metroid Prime's 10th anniversary. Be sure to listen for bloopers and plans for next year!

Episode 24: 101% Fun • November 17, 2012

Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run has been released! With it's release, we interview Darren and Falcool, the director and assistant director for the album. Be sure to listen to this special HoaH premiere podcast!

Episode 23: NCFCast • October 1, 2012

This month we welcome back Adamgamer who tells us about this year's Nintendo Community Fangame Convention. In addition to the mailbag and bloopers, this is one you will not want to miss!

Episode 22: Podcast Blast • September 1, 2012

In this shorter than normal podcast, we focus on the recently annouced Metroid Blast, an upcoming minigame for Nintendo Land on the Wii U!

Episode 21: Cospixcast • August 1, 2012

This month thing get back to normal as we interview Chozoboy, renowned cosplayer in the Metroid community. In addition to our mailbag, rantcast, and ever infamous bloopers, this is one podcast you don't want to miss!

Episode 20: MHQthon 2012 Live Podcast • July 16, 2012

During MHQthon 2012, a part of MHQ's 8th Anniversary celebration, we recorded a live podcast and took questions from the live chat. This is the recording of that podcast, so be sure to give it a listen for nearly unedited live shenanigans.

Episode 19: Podcast of a Hunter • June 1, 2012

This month we talk to Darren from Shinesparkers about his latest community project, Harmony of a Hunter 100%. We also give our opinion on E3 and answer some mailbag questions. Stay tuned until the end for a very special MHQ announcement!

Episode 18: Nanerspark • May 1, 2012

In our slightly less late podcast, we interview Naner from Shinesparkers, bring out some of the better aspects of Other M, and answer mailbag questions as Falcool tries to bait us for bloopers.

Episode 17: Ancient Gendreavus Magic • April 1, 2012

In our not-so on time podcast for the month, we ask MHQ Admin Gendreavus a little about himself and how he got involved with MHQ. We also talk about Super Metroid, answer some mailbag questions, and generally make fools of ourselves.

Episode 16: Metroid Plushie 1.5 • March 1, 2012

In the latest podcast installment we interview Eyes5, the creator of MetroidHat.com, and discuss her work for the community. We also discuss the Metroid Prime 1.5 concept document and answer your mailbag questions!

Episode 15: Lara Plays Metroid Music • February 1, 2012

This month we sit and talk with Lara from the popular YouTube channel "Lara plays videogame music". We also review Metroid Prime and answer your questions in the mailbag. Be sure to give it a listen!

Episode 14: A Missile to the Knee • January 1, 2012

Starting off our podcast for 2012, we get to know the founder of MHQ, MetroidMaster1914, in our latest Meet the Staff segment! Add in some news, another mailbag, and many minutes of bloopers, and you get a podcast you simply can't miss!

First Anniversary Special #2 • December 24, 2011

In yet another podcast anniversary special for the month of December 2011, we welcome back our friends DoctorM64 and Hauntershadow as we confuse our listeners with multiple languages and discuss some recent happenings and dig into the mailbag!

First Anniversary Special #1 • December 17, 2011

Continuing our month of podcast anniversary specials, we welcome back our friend from the NCFC, Adamgamer, to catch up and relate some news and answer some more mailbag questions. Well worth giving a listen to!

Post-Marathon Special 2011 • December 10, 2011

In our month of podcast anniversary specials, we bring you this podcast that was recorded shortly after out 7th MHQ Anniversary, where the participating marathon staff discuss the great time they had. Full of laughs and memories you don't want to miss!

Episode 13: British New Year • December 1, 2011

In our one year anniversary podcast, we bring back some of your favorite podcast guests from the past year, Darren and FatherBrain230. We also try out a new and ridiculous word game, and have a hilarious mailbag and bloopers as always!

Episode 12: Shadow Balls • November 1, 2011

This time we interview HaunterShadow, the famous Metroid YouTube mixer and composer! He joins us for a fun rant about Metroid Prime Pinball, the usual Mailbag and news, and of course tons of bloopers. We also announce the NCFC winners (before we knew who it was) and the new Brawl Tournament. This is one you can't miss!

Episode 11: Other Adam • October 1, 2011

This month we speak to Adamgamer, a Co-Director for the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention (NCFC) about this year's event! Add to that yet another Rantcast, and this is a podcast well worth a listen! (Contains suggestive language)

Episode 10: Return of the Rant • September 1, 2011

t's the return of the Rantcast! In this episode, we interview the former webmaster of Metroid-EU, FatherBrain230. We also answer more mailbag questions and announce a new addition to MHQ! Be sure to have a listen!

Episode 9: Silver Metroids • August 6, 2011

Happy 25th Anniversary Metroid! In a very special podcast, MetroidMaster1914 sits down with Infinity's End from MDB, Darren from Shinesparkers, and Falcon Zero from Metroid Recon as they talk about their respective Metroid sites and Metroid turning 25!

Episode 8: Other Echoes • July 1, 2011

In a shorter-than-normal podcast, the MHQ staff discusses a bit of news, and answers some questions from the mailbag, in addition to unveiling more details about our upcoming 101-hour Metroid Marathon. Be sure to listen in for the many laughs to be had!

E3 2011 Special • June 14, 2011

In this E3 2011 special, we interview ebuch, who has had a hand in shaping Metroid Reorchestrated and was on the floor at E3 himself, as he gives us his perspective on E3's announcements. Be sure to have a listen!

Episode 7: Kuro-chan Remixed • June 1, 2011

This month we interview the co-creator of Metroid Remix (one of the latest Metroid fan games) Kuro-chan! That and our usual news and mailbag. PLUS: A VERY special announcement about our 7th anniversary this summer! You do NOT want to miss this podcast!

Episode 6: Kindred Shinespark(ers) • May 1, 2011

In this podcast we interview the webmaster of Shinesparkers.net, Darren. We also give a review of a very "special" fan game near and dear to our hearts at MHQ, Metroid Evolution. With many laughs to be had, don't miss a minute!

Episode 5: Dane of my Existance • April 1, 2011

This month we talk with Admiral Dane about his role in the Galactic Federation, and we premiere a new quiz segment. PLUS, we have an exclusive announcement about an upcoming new Metroid game! You do not want to miss this one!

Episode 4: Another Metroid 2 Podcast • March 1, 2011

This month we sit down with the creator of Project AM2R (one of the most hyped fan game projects in the Metroid community), DoctorM64! We also answer more of your mail bag questions and comment on some of the latest Metroid news!

Episode 3: Falcool Kick! • February 1, 2011

This month, we begin to get to know the MHQ staff, beginning with our newest staff member and podcast director, Falcool! Add in some news, mail bag questions, and hilarious bloopers, and you have one podcast that you cannot miss!

Episode 2: Falcon Zero Mission • January 1, 2011

In our second podcast, we have an exclusive interview with the webmaster of Metroid Recon, Falcon Zero! We also have our first ever "Rant Cast", and we answer some mailbag questions from you, the viewers!

Episode 1: Pilot • December 1, 2010

In our pilot podcast the MHQ Staff introduces it's newest staff member and talks about what the MHQ podcast will be like, some recent happenings in the Metroid world, and we answer some sample mailbag questions. All that and more!

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